01/25/2018 - Big Flavor, Small Price

01/25/2018 - Big Flavor, Small Price

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January 25, 6:00pm

With Paula O'Brien

Cooking can be a balancing act of having enough time -- and money – while also making delicious and nutritious food…that you and your family will actually enjoy!  This class is all about flexible recipe options and solid shopping strategies for stretching your food dollars without skimping on taste and variety.  Tonight, we’ll focus on fresh, local produce to go with bulk section staples as we make Knishes, Roasted Winter Veggies with Lentils (delicious hot or cold!), and a mystery dessert which will depend on what’s on sale at the BriarPatch the day I shop for the class!


Special Pricing for this class:  There is a $10 fee to take the class.  Upon completion of the class, you’ll receive a $10 BriarPatch Gift Card.