02/27/2018 - Ayurvedic Cooking - Food as Medicine

02/27/2018 - Ayurvedic Cooking - Food as Medicine

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February 27th 6:00-8:00pm

With Kathi Kimmel and Gwen Diaz

February is real turning point for your diet as your body transitions out of winter and into spring. We are going to jumpstart your liver with a cleansing but hearty beet soup, and a fermented savory pancake called an idly to complete the meal. Although the diet is getting lighter and the cleanse season is starting, you'll still need hearty ingredients on cold days. This beet soup pairs winter root vegetables like potatoes and beets with the cleansing spring flavors of dill and vinegar, helping your body transition into spring.  Idlys are made with sour mung bean batter.  Mung bean is a versatile legume that absorbs flavors of other spices and herbs, retaining their purity and vibrancy.  Idlys are similar to, but thicker than, crepe-like dosas, and are appropriate for any meal of the day.  This is the third class in a series from Kathi and Gwen, you don’t have to have attended the other classes to enjoy this one! **Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free**