02/28/2018 - Bahian Cuisine

02/28/2018 - Bahian Cuisine

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February 28th 6:00-8:00

With Deanna Figueira

The center of African/Brazilian culture in Brazil, Bahian cuisine blends the flavors of both countries with a delicious result.  Deanna is back from a recent trip to Brazil with some wonderful new favorites to share!  Ximxin de Galinha is a sexy dish of chicken marinated in lime juice with ground cashews and peanuts and cooked with palm oil and coconut milk.  Pão de Queijo are delightfully chewy, cheesy bread balls made with tapioca starch (gluten-free) - you will not be able to eat just one!  Beiju de Tapioca are slightly sweet and chewy tapioca “crepes” filled with fresh-grated coconut.  **Gluten-Free**