05/25/2018 - Nabe - Traditional Japanese Fish Soup

05/25/2018 - Nabe - Traditional Japanese Fish Soup

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March 25, 12-2pm

With Hiroko Greenberg

Nabe is a traditional Japanese winter fish soup, usually made by boiling kombu, fish broth, and lots and lots of delicious vegetables in a big clay pot. What will go into the pot today? Count on tasting a combination that could include kombu, ponzu, daikon, gobo, rice or noodles, Chinese cabbage, leeks and other green vegetables, mushrooms, cod fish, tofu...a trip to the store for the best of fresh and local produce will guide our creation. Join Hiroko as she shares how to make this delightful, warming dish that’s perfect to share with your friends and family and celebrate the end of winter.


Gluten free